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Just us gals
OKAY!!!!! Now I remember!  I think we need to talk periods.  Sorry guys.  Today I was reminded of how brutal being a woman can be.  First of all you get puberty.  Need I say more concerning that?  Then every month pms.  To top it all off, the wonderful cycle ends with you loosing an alarming amount of blood, and moaning in bed with a heating pad, and a good book you can't concentrate on.  Maybe it's just me, but the finale reward for going through all of that, and pregnancy(which deserves its own page) is not just the perfect bundle at your breast, but the promise of no periods for the full nine months you're pregnant, and depending on how long you nurse, maybe another blissful year.  

My son is eight months old now, and I have been slowly trying to wean him since I'm needing a few meds that I don't care to share with him.  At first I thought the bleeding from the cervical biopsies had returned.  But no.  The cramps then began, and wasted no time reminding me what I have been blissfully unaware of since '00.  Yes, 911?  I need an anesthesiologist here ASAP.  The eppidural would be fine.  

Thousands of  women suffer from painful periods, and find it difficult to cope with day to day life while suffering from mood swings, aching, cramping, headaches, bloating, and other symptoms.  If you have FMS all of these symptoms can be exaggerated to the point where you are bed ridden, unable to do even the simplest tasks.  IBS can worsen dramatically, and you may be nauseous and unable to keep much down.  The headaches alone can put you down, with out feeling like your insides are being ripped out of you.  

When you feel a period coming on, you may want to increase your daily supplements, and take extra magnesium.  Please talk to your doctor or pharmacist about this.  Increase your water intake.  Do gentle stretching excersises, and get plenty of sleep.  If you find yourself unable to get to sleep, or waking frequently, talk to your doctor about a sleep aid, or try a natural supplement like serratonin.  

During your period, try to eat small healthy meals frequently.  Continue drinking extra water.  Don't stop excersising, but don't push yourself.  Use heating pads (don't sleep with an electric pad as you could burn yourself), rice socks, tennis balls to massage, try putting two tennis balls in a sock, and laying on the floor with it under your lower back.  If the floor is too hard, try on a softer surface like the bed.  

In my opinion, a little chocolate never hurt anyone.  Chocolate is high in magnesium, and your body needs it during your period.  If your diet won't allow some chocolate, get your favorite fruit, or make a healthy smoothy to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Talk to an aroma therapist, or your natural path about the best oils, and herbs to soak in.  Try different herbal teas, and cut back as much as you can on caffeinated beverages.  

If you have difficult periods, and find it hard to cope with the pain, please talk to you health care provider about your pain treatment options.  It is unacceptable to be denied pain relief.  When a Tylenol or mydol won't touch your pain, you deserve something that works, and your doctor shouldn't have a problem with that.  

Hang in there gals, my mother assures me that in no time at all, we'll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnle.  A rather hot light granted, but a light none the less.  Hopefully by the time we're 55, we should be baskin in the good life.  And yet then I am reminded of such details like osteoperosis, hysterectomy, mamogram, and arthritis, to add to the FMS, and what ever else you are blessed with.  On the positive side, we are able to seek treatment, and support, both of which are important.  We are able to stride for fairly normal lives, and seek out those that lift us up, and encourage us, like we should do for them.