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My FibroJournal
Quick and easy for the days I don't feel so great.

My main complaint right now is                                                          .

I got about                    hours of sleep last night.
I feel that my sleep was    restful      interrupted     difficult to fall asleep     difficult to stay asleep     could not get comfortable     pain kept me awake     other                                                                                     .

On a scale of one to ten My pain is a       right now.

Today I hurt here:       head     jaw     neck     shoulders     arms     hands     upper back     mid back     low back     pelvis     hips     ribs
     chest     upper abdomen    lower abdomen     inner thigh     thighs
    knees     calves     ankles     feet     other                                        

Right now the weather is     cold     mild     warm     hot     dry    humid
     overcast     cloudy     clear     sunny     raining     snowing     windy
     other                                                                                                .

My stress level is at a                        on a scale of one to ten.

My over all health the last week has been     poor     okay     good
     better than normal     I've been feeling great!    Notes                        

My activity level  the last few days has been     not too active     average
     a little more than normal     Hectic.    Notes                                       

I have been taking     my normal meds     extra meds     less meds
     extra pain relievers     other                                                               

Today I can help myself by     resting     soaking in a warm bath    
calling a support person     gentle stretching     doing less
    scheduling an appointment for     massage     chiropractic      facial
     counseling    acupuncture      other                                                   

Journal by Ark.  Permission  to copy for personal use only.