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Massage and Fibromyalgia

      Therapeutic Massage treatments for Fibromyalgia can be very helpful in controlling the pain associated with with this disorder. Massage increases circulation, stretches muscle fibers as well as fascia. Deep tissue massage can increase cellular metabolism, and rid the body of toxins. In treating pain associated with Fibromyalgia the practitioner should be aware of pain tolerance and by no means should the client have to "grin and bear it"  There are a lot of "trigger points" associated with Fibromyalgia, direct pressure on these areas can actually make pain symptoms worse. A good treatment for pain is a moist heating pad, a hot shower while stretching the neck muscles. Any stretching should be done after a hot shower or bath, and care should be taken not to over stretch.  A gentle stretch is  all that is needed for an effective stretch. Do not push it or bounce it. Any activity that increases circulation is extremely helpful. Toxins buildup in the muscle and fascia due to inflexible tight muscles, trigger points develop as a direct result of these toxins, and or injury, over stretch, and, stress. I have a treatment plan I give my clients and it is outlined below.

Start any exercise or stretching program slowly ( even to the point where it doesn't feel like you are doing anything) if you over do it you will be recuperating for the next several days

For flare up, rest.

Increase water consumption by half your body weight  in ounces of water daily. If you drink coffee or soda increase water ounce for ounce.

See a naturopathic physician, or a nutritionist. Nutrition can help lessen your symptoms.

Laureen Sherson, Licensed Massage Practitioner