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Fibromyalgia online support
I will be adding a lot here in the next few days, so stop by soon.  If you want a link on this page, please e-mail it to me.  If you would like to recommend a site please let me know that too.     I will also be organizing these soon into general catagories.   

In my opinion this is the best site out there for support, and information.  Everyone is wonderful, and it is a beautiful site.  If by some small chance you have managed to miss this one you can visit Fibro Hugs here.

A great site for fibromyalgia, and fibro in children.

A great site for family and friends.  Includes " I never know what to say", and "But you look good"  Order a great booklet to help your loved ones understand invisible illnesses.

A huge site with tons of info, and lots of links.  Everything from disability to starting a support group.

For Breast feeding pharmacology, go to:

The child and infant wellness page